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A Message from Vice Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor_pictureUttara University, Bangladesh, has been able to establish a tradition of academic, non-academic and research facilities offering and providing under graduate, post graduate studies and research opportunities. Uttara University is widely recognized nationally and internationally for high quality education and research. The graduate of Uttara University and their job placement is the reflection of quality education and quality discipline. In the cosmopolitan campus of Uttara University, we see the student from all walks of life who can have access to the tertiary education and avail the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill for their relatively high standard of life and living. We need to up-grade the student both academically, non-academically and in etiquette, grooming and most of all in profession. Uttara University has education collaboration with Worchester University and Bed-ford Shire University in England. An additional collaboration is in process with some North-American University including a couple of ones in Canada.

Uttara University is deeply concerned about the student’s placement of status in the demanding field including the corporate and multinational ones. Uttara University also offers considerable encouragement to the student who wish to set-up their own business enterprise. An integrated path-way takes Uttara University students from their initial idea to full business plan to start-up and from there to extend facilities with full range of technical, legal and business support.

Finally, I hope you will find the academic and research program at Uttara University to meet your need. I look forward to welcoming you to our community of Uttara University of intensive, extensive and congenial environment of inter-active learning process.        

Dr. M. Azizur Rahman

Vice-Chancellor's Office

Name Designation PABX Ext. Picture
  Mohammad Rokanuzzaman      Assistant Registrar
105 VC_off-Rokon-ARO
       Md. Ariful Islam    Assistant Researcher (Economics) 105 Md. Ariful Islam
   Mohammad Kawsar Alam            Computer Operator photo