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Proctor’s Statement


UU office of Proctor is formed under the Private University Act 2010 to ensure a cordial environment for students within the university campus. The Proctor’s office expects that the students will follow the rules, discipline, integrity and show respect to others. Students who are found for defiance to the university discipline within the university campus or in any subversive activity which is against university rules are to be expected to end up in the office of the Proctor. The Proctor office welcomes advice and enquiries on all matters relating to the university rules & regulations. Proctor office deals the matters more on counseling basis. The exceptions of those are extreme breach of disciplinary rules.

Kazi Tareq Ullah

Uttara University

The Office of Proctor consists of three Assistant proctors are as follows:

Md. Ahmeduzzaman                                       Assistant Proctor

Mr. Syed Shahidul Islam                                Assistant Proctor

Md. Jahangir Alam                                          Assistant Proctor